I was riding home today thinking of things when it hit me that I should spend a little time on me. I ride a Buell Ulysses XT and commute daily to work, on the weekends I try to get out and ride the great roads the NW has to offer. I live in Portland,OR so riding in the rain is a act that I’m very used to. Funny thing about riding in the rain day in and day out,I enjoy it more every time. When I first started riding I heard horror stories about riding in the rain so i didn’t . After a few years of longing to ride more but being turned off due to rain. I finally decided I would put these horror stories to the test. I sold my car and lived the life of having only a motorcycle to ride.Rain or shine, at that time I owned a 2001 Suzuki GSXR 1k. Not the best rain bike but it did the trick. A funny thing happened in that time. My life got simpler, i felt free, outside of the commuting drudge. i noticed people looking at me oddly as i rode by as though thinking that i was crazy at the mere thought of riding in the rain. Now days I don’t even think of the weather, don’t get me wrong riding on a warm summer day is hard to beat but i want to encourage anyone who hasn’t to get out there and take your bike to work even if it is wet outside. With the right gear you wont feel a drop and if your like me you may even enjoy it.

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