Looking for a new Bike.

So I gotten bit but the motorcycle bug and have started looking at new bikes. This is always an exciting thing and I dare say that looking is a big part of the fun. There was 3 bikes that I was looking at for my next ride.

1. BMW 1200RT
2.Kawasaki Concours 14
3.Yamaha FJR 1300

Now all of these bike are great sport touring bikes and I dont think there is a wrong choice. However while looking I have discovered some things that have made me lean towards 1 above the others.

BMW 1200RT-
The BMW has a great sport-touring reputation. It has the best weather protection of the bunch and also has a very strong following. It is also the lightest of the 3. There are a few things about the BMW that have steered me in another direction. First is the cost of maintenance. I can change oil with the best of them but I am not a DIY wrench. When I looked into what it would cost to keep the service up to date. it was a bit cost prohibitive. The other thing that I just couldnt understand is that BMW has a “feature” on their 2008 and newer models that requires you go into a dealer inorder to reset the service notice. To me that is criminal. No matter how great of motorcycle they build im not playing that game.

Kawasaki Concours 1400-
The Connie was the front runner for some time. I am current a member of COG ( Concours Owners Group) so it seemed like a natural fit. However then I started to look at what did I really want to do with the bike and I kept coming back to long distance riding. The Connie just didn’t seem to have what I was looking for. I looked at length through the IBA ( Iron Butt Assoc) and saw very few of these bikes. That got me thinking. Why not? I believe that the Connie attracts those that like the ZX-14 but want some touring ability. This is a different crowd than the one that does 750+ miles in a day. I also didn’t like the sitting position as much.

Yamaha FJR 1300-
This bike is one that I have thought about often. Back in 2008 I actually looked pretty seriously at a 2007 but just couldn’t get over the Burgundy color. Well I have come full circle. I am actively looking for a 2006 or newer FJR that will be my bike for the next many years. I am impressed by all the write ups and the LD touring capabilities are renowned. Now it just a matter of finding the right bike for my needs and in my price range.

If all goes the way I am currently planning I should have several pretty good rides this season. There is Laguna MotoGP at the end of July and then I really want to do an IBA ride this year. Im not getting any younger and life is only going to get craizer, so better now.

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