A Ride in the Woods

I was able to get out for a brief ride today. The weather cooperated, it was cloudy and cool but the rain stayed away and this time of year that is a blessing. My gear world perfectly. Aerostich has done an amazing job perfecting top quality riding gear. Whether its their R3 suit or there warm and toasty fleece base layers. I was warm the entire ride. I was also able too test out the new pair of Olympia WeatherKing gloves I picked up.

I headed out Padden Pkwy to I-205 and then continued north to connect with I-5. The roads were dry and traffic was light. I exited at Woodland and headed East towards Cougar. The roads were empty and it was such a treat. Typically these roads are busy with sightseers and vacationers enjoying the many lakes in the area as well at Mt St Helen’s. After about 20 miles heading out the weather started turning worse so I turned around and headed home. In all it was about a 70 mile trek and it was great to get out and get some miles on the new bike. 

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