Out HWY 14

I took a great ride out to the gorge today. It was so fun getting to head up to one of my favorite places. This was the first time riding in the Gorge since the fires this summer. Hwy 14 was busy but I was still able to have a brisk ride. #aerostich

A Ride in the rain

I was able to get out for a little bit today. The weather was decent and he rains stayed away. My gear worked flawlessly! Aerostich has done a masterful job of profecting riding gear. Wether it’s the R3 Suit or the amazing fleece base layers. It all works excellent. I was also able to use the new pair of Olympia cold weather gloves ( review in the future). 

I headed out from my home towards I-205 N from there I connected to I-5 and away I went. The roads were dry and there was only slight traffic. I exited at Woodburn and headed East towards Cougar. The road to Cougar was empty which was a pleasant treat. Typically these roads are busy with vacationers visiting all the local lakes in the area or heading to see Mt St Helens.  After about 25 miles the weather stared turning worse so I turned around and headed home. It was a great time to get out and enjoy the amazingly beautiful natural beauty of the region. 

Combat Commuter

Yesterday I rode to work for the first time. I recently changed jobs and am now working in the NW region of downtown Portland.  I5 is notorious for how awful the traffic can be however they have an HOV lane that motorcycles can use. The ride down was easy. No issues at all it took me about 25 minutes to 18 miles. I parked in the very nicely provided covered  motorcycle parking located in the front entrance.
 The ride home was a bit more adventurous. I check my maps via my phone and it said 55 minutes to go the 14 miles I need to go in order to meet my wife for dinner. I left work and got on HWY 405 E. It quickly backed up into a parking lot with the gridlock of a sunny Friday afternoon.  I very slowly made my way to I5 N. The HOV lane is about 1mile after the interchange and this short distance seemed to take an eternity. After about 15 minutes of very slow moving I finally made it to the HOV lane and it was a very slow go. That said it was much faster then not haveing the HOV lane. I look forward to many more combat commuting adventures. 


I recently switched jobs and now work in downtown Portland. Tomorrow I’m going to try commuting via my bike. I’m hopeful that it’s going to be a good experience.