Combat Commuter

Yesterday I rode to work for the first time. I recently changed jobs and am now working in the NW region of downtown Portland.  I5 is notorious for how awful the traffic can be however they have an HOV lane that motorcycles can use. The ride down was easy. No issues at all it took me about 25 minutes to 18 miles. I parked in the very nicely provided covered  motorcycle parking located in the front entrance.
 The ride home was a bit more adventurous. I check my maps via my phone and it said 55 minutes to go the 14 miles I need to go in order to meet my wife for dinner. I left work and got on HWY 405 E. It quickly backed up into a parking lot with the gridlock of a sunny Friday afternoon.  I very slowly made my way to I5 N. The HOV lane is about 1mile after the interchange and this short distance seemed to take an eternity. After about 15 minutes of very slow moving I finally made it to the HOV lane and it was a very slow go. That said it was much faster then not haveing the HOV lane. I look forward to many more combat commuting adventures. 

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