Aerostich Gear

Since Dec 2016 I have only worn my Aerostich R3 suit to ride. Before that I wore Firstgear. Rainer Jacket and the HT overpaint. Today I wore that set up to work. Wow. It was a very interesting experience. I can’t say enough about the quality of Aerostich. I’ll still wear my 2 piece gear on occasion but today certainly made me excited for when I can afford a Darien jacket with the AD-1 pants. It’s hard to beat Aerostich quality. This by no means a knock on Firstgear. They make good product and I was happy with them for year. However compared to my experience with Aerostich there is no going back. For me there are two major things. First is that Aerostich custom builds their gear for each rider. For my suit I went to a pop up. Got measured and spent about an hour walking through with a consultant around the fit. I had actually been trying the Darien/ AD 1 Combo out and went with the suit. Anyways the service experience was great but then when i received the suit it fit perfect. I’ve been riding for 20+ years and have owned a lot of gear in that time frame. Nothing has fit me like my suit does. The second thing is the quality of materials they use. I can relate it to bikes. If all you’ve ever ridden is a early 1970s bike and that’s been your reality you think it’s great. And it is. It will do everything you want it to. However if you then ride a new 2016 FJR your reality changes and your eyes are open to what else is out there. For me Aerostich was that type of experience. The fit and finish of their products is excellent. That said don’t take my word for it. See it there are any Pop ups close to you or heck plan a road trip and go to Duluth. But if your looking for gear I would encourage anyone to try a Aerostich. Yes they are expensive but to me I ride a lot and I think if it in an investment in my safety and my comfort.  #aerostich

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