Tour of Honor WA 1

I was able to get out for a bit today and head up Hwy 14 towards Stevenson, Wa. It was a beautiful day to ride in the PNW. The sun was out and the roads were pretty empty. I also managed to get WA1, my first memorial for the @tourofhonor it was a 9/11 Memorial and I was reminded of all the emotion and horror of that day. I also thought of the thousands of families impacted by those terrorist attacks. I look forward to doing many more of these Memorials.


Just throwing this out there. Motorcycles make me happy! There is something incredibly therapeutic about riding. Even if it involves mind numbing traffic. It’s so fascinating how much less stressed I feel after a ride. Who else finds riding therapeutic?

Motorcycle Safety

May is motorcycle safety month. There are two main areas to focus on 1: Rider education. Always be looking for ways to improve your skills. 2: Public education. Start talking to those around you about the importance of watching for riders. Think about ways that you can make others aware of riders.

Ride safe,