Summer Heat

It’s summer time and that mean hot weather in most parts of the country. I know there are many different thoughts around gear during the summer. Some choose to wear the minimal amount maybe just a beanie helmet with shorts and a T-shirt. Other choose to do some hybrid of gear maybe jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Still others choose to wear all their protective gear regardless of the temperature. When i commute I fall some where between the second and third group. I have a mesh first gear jacket and pants that I wear. It offers some level of protection while not cooking me alive as I sit in the hell that is Portland traffic. If I am doing a longer ride I choose to wear my Aerostich R3. For the longer rides I do, I am generally moving at a good pace and have found that my Aerostich breath well and provides good ventilation while at highway speeds. What do you do when it’s hot but you still want to ride? Does it make a difference if you are commuting with traffic or on the open road?

2 thoughts on “Summer Heat

  1. I’ve typically wear my Klim jacket and pants along with an UnderArmour synthetic t shirt. I dip the t-shirt in water. it works like a controlled atmosphere suit. Keeps me cool for a long time. The biggest thing is I wear a Camelbak to stay hydrated. That way I can constantly drink while riding. Works great for me.

  2. Most of the time I wear my new-to-me 2pc Aerostich, regardless of weather. But if the temps are between 75 and close to 90, and almost no chance of rain, I do love my mesh gear. Unfortunately, most of the time that perfect weather isn’t happening in Alabama or Georgia, especially over the course of longer rides, so 95% of the time it’s the ‘Stich.

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