A change in the weather

This morning brought an old acquaintance back to the NW, rain. This wasn’t the hard, constant rains that are coming in the months to come but it was rain none the less. Rain is such an interesting weather condition to me when it comes to riding. I personally enjoy riding in the rain. There is a peacefulness about it to me that is different then riding in other weather. I know there are many who would disagree with me but to each their own. I think that an important piece of my enjoyment in the ability to stay dry and warm when riding in all weather types. When I first started riding I didn’t understand the value and importance of proper rider gear. I rode in the summer and work a Joe Rocket jacket with a pair of jeans. I recall the first time I got stuck in a rain storm. I was riding to my job at the time and out a nowhere I hit a pocket of rain. In a matter of minutes I was soaked to my core. Having not planned on getting wet I had no change of clothes. I remember how miserable I was at work that day being cold and wet. I told myself then that I was either going to give up riding or change my gear. Obviously I went with option “b”. Now many years later I have the advantage of having history and experience on my side. My words of wisdom are if you ride much sooner or later your going to find yourself riding in the rain. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Be prepared. There are many great gear brands out there. I personally have found Aerostich to be the best for my needs but have known many others that use others with good success. No matter what you choose if you can stay dry and warm it will make riding in the wet much more enjoyable.

Ride Safe,


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