Mail Call

Mail Call!! Today I received my muchly anticipated Iron Butt certificates for the BB ride I did in July. It’s funny to me that I work so hard for a piece of paper but as anyone who has done an Iron Butt ride will tell you there something about getting that plain muted yellow envelope that is kinda special. In today’s mail I also received my entry level Mileage Eater Certificate which certifies that I have completed 2 Iron Butt rides. If 3 years ago someone told me that I would have completed 2 Iron Butt rides i would of thought they were crazy. I have known for the IBA for years but the thought of riding a 1000 in 24 hours or less seemed daunting. Then last year I had some health issues and on a whim I took off and completed the Saddle Sore. That got me thinking about what other milestones I wanted to complete on my motorcycle. That led to this year aiming to do a Butt Burner Gold. Unfortunately due to traffic and construction issues the gold potion of this ride was eliminated from being a realistic goal. I was however able to complete the Butt Burner Ride 1577 in about 33 hours , including about 5 hours for sleeping. When I got home I was left with sense of both pride for completing this ride but also disappointment for not being successful in completing the BBG. These certificates brought of those same feeling and I’m excited to see what other adventures I take on in the coming years.

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