A boy, a bike and a ferry

Success!! I was able to complete the final 2 Washington Memorials WA3 and WA5. I also took a little boat ride. I don’t think of Washington as a huge state until I need to ride to the northern edge. Ferndale, Washington is located on the Northern edge of the state. It’s only about 30 minutes from the Canadian boarder. The Memorial there (WA3) is of … Continue reading A boy, a bike and a ferry

Motorcycle Cannonball

For the last few weeks I have been daily following the adventures of those taking place in this years Motorcycle Cannonball. The Motorcycle Cannonball is a cross country ride of pre-1930 motorcycles that this year went from Portland, Maine to Skamania Lodge in Washington. They did this ride in 14 different stages. It’s been a joy of mine each day to see the updates of … Continue reading Motorcycle Cannonball