New Bike in the garage

Exciting news I picked up a 99 Kawasaki Concours yesterday. My hope is that with this bike I’ll be able to post more travel rides with pictures.

This time of year in the NW is amazing! The rainy days spread out and the sunny ones increase, spirits rise. I haven’t been able to get out and do any longer rides but I hope in the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to put some much needed miles underneath me. I find that when I don’t get to put miles on that my whole mood gets bogged down. I’ve been really longing to get some time off and do an IBA ride maybe a Buttburner or Saddlesore. I’m not sure why but long distance riding really appeals to me. I read an amazing story of a guy( John Ryan) just this last week that rode his FJR from Prudhoe Bay, AK to Key West,FL in 86 hours. Now I don’t think I’ll every doing something like that is the kind of ride that inspires me!! Monday is Ride to Work day so remember to ride you scoot this Monday the 15th of June. Ride Safe

this is a picture of my little girl, born on the 7th of December

a day in the sun

Today is one of those days that are so rare yet so special. Here in Oregon this time of year is filled with grey skys and lots of rain. Its what we here in the northwest are used to but every so often we are blessed with days like today. Its sunny and crisp , the colors are clear and bright and these are the days that riding a motorcycle is a pure delight. As I was riding to work this morning I kept getting tempted to blow off work and just put on some miles. I still might if I can get off work early. These are the days to savor what God have blessed us with and get out in the amazing world around us.

I was riding home today thinking of things when it hit me that I should spend a little time on me. I ride a Buell Ulysses XT and commute daily to work, on the weekends I try to get out and ride the great roads the NW has to offer. I live in Portland,OR so riding in the rain is a act that I’m very used to. Funny thing about riding in the rain day in and day out,I enjoy it more every time. When I first started riding I heard horror stories about riding in the rain so i didn’t . After a few years of longing to ride more but being turned off due to rain. I finally decided I would put these horror stories to the test. I sold my car and lived the life of having only a motorcycle to ride.Rain or shine, at that time I owned a 2001 Suzuki GSXR 1k. Not the best rain bike but it did the trick. A funny thing happened in that time. My life got simpler, i felt free, outside of the commuting drudge. i noticed people looking at me oddly as i rode by as though thinking that i was crazy at the mere thought of riding in the rain. Now days I don’t even think of the weather, don’t get me wrong riding on a warm summer day is hard to beat but i want to encourage anyone who hasn’t to get out there and take your bike to work even if it is wet outside. With the right gear you wont feel a drop and if your like me you may even enjoy it.

first time around

this is my first attempt at blogging. I was thinking of ways to talk to people about my passion for riding and the world of motorcycle forums is mostly frustrating and pointless, although there are a few gems out there. So I figured why not just find an outlet that I can say how I feel and go from there. To me motorcycling is a way of life. Its not a hobby or a thing to do on a sunny weekend. Its a part of my life that feeds my inter soul. Even the simple act of going to work in the morning takes on new joy with the thought of riding there. I hope who ever reads this enjoys what I have to say.