Tour Of Honor Ride

This morning I had the pleasure of riding out to the Tour of Honor OR #3. The funny thing about this memorial is that i have driven and risen by it for the last 25 years and not once noticed t was there. This memorial is on the corner of HWY 26 out to Mt Hood. It sits directly next to Joe’s Donuts( which happens to have the best maple bars I’ve every eaten). This was a memorial honoring those fallen soldiers of all wars. The most moving part was seeing two more current yellow ribbons. I’m assuming these are names of soldiers that have recently fallen in combat. I took some time to reflect at this site. To think about the freedoms we enjoy and the sacrifices that tens of thousands of brave Americans have made for that freedom. I am so glad that I choose to do the Tour of Honor. I would strongly encourage any rider to join and explore these sites. I’m willing to bet you will be impacted more then you could imagine. Now every time I go to Joe’s or head to the mountain I will take a moment to appreciate this memorial and the soldiers it is dedicated to.

Tour Of Honor

Ride Safe,