South to Brookings

Yesterday I took a mental health day. If you ask my wife she thinks I’m just mental. Lol. Yesterday task was to finish out Oregon and visit my 7th Memorial site in Brookings,OR. Brookings sits on the Oregon/ California boarder. I got an early start to the am was on the road by 5:45a. I made it easily down the I5 coordoor zipping through Woodbury, Salem, Albany and Eugene. At Roseburg I turned West and headed out Hwy 42 and then veered off into 42S. If you are ever in the area, do yourself a favor and ride 42S. It features a nonstop supply of twists and turns all with virtually zero traffic. 42S connects with Hwy 101. Again if you have never ridden Hwy 101, do it! It’s slow and there lots of stop and traffic , but it’s has some of the most beautiful views I’ve seen. I’ve had the privilege of riding this road many times and it never gets old.

Heading to Brookings on 101 also introduced some serious construction projects that took a fair amount of time to get through. It did give time to relax a bit and broke up the ride.

The Brookings Site is located at the Brookings Fire and Police departments. It’s a veterans memorial listing out those from Brookings that made the ultimate sacrificed during US conflicts.

After getting my photo I turned towards home, well kinda, I had two options for getting home head back the way I came or hit up US 196->US 199. I choose the second as they weave their way through the northern grove of California Redwoods up to Grants Pass,OR. This road was another great ride. Amazing sights all around, the smell of cedars in the air and great roads that let me really enjoy the FJR😉.

Once I reached Grants Pass the ride home was pretty easy. I hit I5 and headed north. One small, and word of caution. There is a forrest fire in Canyonville, OR is I found out they are shutting I5 down for at times. Especially for traffic heading south. Also know the air is dense with smoke and visibility at times was down to a few hundred yards at best.

All around it was a great day to ride, well any day is a great day to ride, but it was a great trip over all. 740 miles covered in just over 15 hours. If I had planned a bit better I could have squeezed in a SS1K being only 260 miles shy.

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