Tour of Honor SS1K

This last Saturday I set out to do a Tour of Honor SS1K. The goal was to hit the 4 ToH sites in Eastern Washington. I started a bit later then I normally like to for IBA rides not getting my starting receipt until 5am. The ride out east to Kennewick was easy and beautiful. Riding along the Columbia Gorge in the AM is always a treat. The First site I visited was a Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Located at the beginning of a bridge it was an interesting location but a nice site none the less. From Kennewick I headed North East on WA 26 towards Colton,WA. This was a great ride through the agricultural side of Washington State. Colton is a small town with a population slightly over 400. The American Legion memorial there is located in the center of town in a nice park. By the time I got to Colton it was close to noon as nd the temperature was climbing. Eastern Washington can get pretty toasty during the summer and today was going to be no different. After visiting the site I headed to near by Pullman,WA to get fuel and a quick bite to eat. Pullman is home of Washington State University and the city was bustling with collage kids returning to school. From Pullman I headed north on WA195. This is a great two lane road through the farm lands of Washington State. Traffic was light and I made good time to Deer Park, WA. Deer Park is north of Spokane, WA its another cute town that is close enough to Spokane that I’m sure there are plenty of people that commute but it’s far enough away it feels very small town and rural. The ToH site there is really nice. There is a large stone with a plaque on it from the VFW honoring those that gave their lives for this country. From Deer Park I headed towards stop #4 in Moses Lake, WA. Moses Lake is located in central Washington. It’s right off I90 and has the assortment of offramp offerings. I have stopped there several times before for gas and such but this was my first venture into the actual town. The ToH site here is a tribute to 9/11 the unfortunate part is that there is no near by parking as it sits at an intersection. The site itself is two marble statues of the twin towers and the date carved into a piece of stone. The towers were quite impressive measuring 10-12 feel each at least. I always appreciate the 9/11 Memorials. It’s one of those events that is still so clear in my head. Having completed the 4 ToH sites needed for the IBA ride I now just needed to get over the 1000 miles needed.I headed towards Seattle and away from the growing thunderstorm that were gathering around where I was. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough and got caught in a massive thunderstorm complete with rapid decline in temperatures, torrential rains and stunning lightning. Even with the weather my Aerostich kept me warm and dry as I have come to rely on it to do. Once to Seattle I headed north for a bit to make sure I had enough distance. Then turned south to head home. My travels were going smooth until I hit Fife. Traffic came to a sudden stop. Turns out that I5 was under construction and they were taking 4 lanes down to 1 for the next 9 miles… ugg.. In every IBA ride I’ve done there are moments that push my resolve, this was that moment. It was painful to not be able to move. To just sit a mere 2.5 hours from home at 10:30pm and not move. In this moment I called my wife to pass the time. She had the clarity to pull up maps and helped me work through some work arounds. It took almost a hour to get through those 9 miles but it was much better then it could of been had my amazing wife not helped me out. Once clear of traffic I cruised home with no issues. My last stretch was 292 miles on a tank. I was pretty impressed with how the FJR handed this trip. In all I covered a bit over 1100 miles in about 20 hours and traversed the majority of the state of Washington.

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