Today was my official kick off for the MS5000. It started on September 1 but I’m a little late to the party. The purpose of this event is to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis with the goal of riding/ raising money and awareness. If your would like to participate visit select on support your favorite rider ( Brady Mullins).

I used it as an opportunity to head north and visit a few Doughboys as apart of the @tourofhonor. My first stop was in Olympia. It’s titled “Winged Victory” and was designed by Alonzo Victor Lewis. It was completed in 1938. I was amazed by the size of it, measuring over 22 feet tall it’s a massive sculpture honoring those that served in WW1. From there I headed a little south to Centralia, WA. Lewis C County has a very nice war memorial. The doughboy is just a part of it. This sight isn’t as grand as the first but it’s still a great memorial. This Doughboy was also done by Lewis who apparently did a number of these around Washington State. This statue appears more somber. From the posture to the position of the rifle to the expression on the face. I felt more of the burden of trench warfare with this statue. With that I headed south towards home. It was a quick ride that covered 250 miles for MS. Only 4750 to go.

Ride Safe,


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